Rudiments – plural of ru·di·ment

Noun – The first principles of a subject. / An elementary or primitive form of something.

Like with absolutely anything you can think of, learning a new language, learning maths, cleaning the house or even building a house. There are foundations that are laid down to achieve a certain goal. Without these foundations for your drumming adventure, you could say it would be the same as trying to understand and solve a complex maths equation. It would be frustrating and probably impossible.

When learning the drums it is very important to practice the rudiments over and over until you can do them whilst you sleep. This way, when life throws you one of it’s massive curve balls, in the form of sweaty hands so you lose a stick, you can do a nice job of covering up the mishap. At the same time picking up a replacement stick from your collection beside you.

Without these essential building blocks you will learn slower and not reach that goal you have set out, maybe that is to start a band, become a session drummer or just play for fun. Any way you look at it you will enjoy yourself much more if you take the time to practice the rudiments.

Below are some useful techniques, starting from easiest at the top to advanced towards the bottom. This list will grow as I get more time to write and record material.