Lesson One

Lesson One

So this is it. You’ve decided to learn the drums? Good choice. No matter who you are, experienced drummer or beginner, these tutorials, along with the Rudimentaries, will help you brush up on the basics to enable you to play more complex riffs or start you off on an excellent step towards your future as a drummer!

In this tutorial you will learn, how to grip the sticks properly and a simple beat using the hi-hat, snare and bass drum. I suggest you check out the Rudimentaries section as this will give you a firm foundation.

The start

Figure A shows the stave, this is where all the notation is written. The ‘notes’ go on and in between the lines, this shows you which part of the kit to play.

The stave

Figure A – The stave


Grip is very important. It helps you play more complex and faster beats. In the picture below (Figure B) you can see that I have the backside of my hand, knuckles, facing straight up and I have my thumb on the side of the stick. I am gripping it part way up from the bottom.

The Grip - All angles

Figure B – The Grip from all angles

With this grip you are utilising the movement of your wrists as they were designed, if you were hold the sticks with your thumbnails facing the ceiling you are more likely to cause repetitive strain injury and you will find it hard to master some of the more complex techniques.

The kit

Figure C shows the layout of the kit. Familiarise yourself with it and refer to this image if you’re ever not sure about which piece of the kit I am talking about.

The Kit

Figure C – The Kit

Your first beat

Figure D shows a simple beat using the hi-hat, bass drum and snare drum. It’s simple, but is the basis of a lot of rock songs.

Figure D - First Beat

Figure D – First Beat

You play the music left to right, any notes that are placed above each other are played at the same time. If you can, watch the video below, it is four bars in length which equates to Figure D played twice.