Thanks for visiting

Thanks for taking the time to look around! Hopefully by now you have discovered the different parts to this website and tried your hand at some of the lessons. If not, please do!

I put this site together in 2010 and have had it sitting around ever since, with no time to spare for it. As of July 2013, month of writing, that has changed and hopefully I can get a new lesson up every week or two.

A bit about me

My name is Chris Greenhalgh, born in 1991, raised in a small town called Shrewsbury, England and have been playing the drums since 2003. I am no where near the best drummer ever born, but I like to think I will be able to pass on some knowledge to you.

I now live in Cheltenham where there is some interesting characters walking around.

I am in a band called ’10k Runner’, a Shrewsbury based band, who are tight and a right laugh. If you are looking for a band to play at your venue please do not hesitate to contact me and I will see if we can fit you in. We play mainly covers and several originals. The covers include bands such as ‘Arctic Monkeys’, ‘The Courteeners’, ‘Miles Kane’, ‘Muse’, ‘Jack White’… The list goes on, I just cannot think of everything off the top of my head.


If you would like any advice I would be happy to help, please use the contact form for any questions or advice you might need and I will post it up with an answer, this way it helps others. If you would prefer not to have your question posted up, just let me know.

Keeping the site up

If you would like to advertise on the site please let me know. Any donations are welcome. Having a full-time job, a lady to love and two bands means I struggle to get things done. Having said that I have managed to revamp the site with no particular motive except for reaching out to people across the world. The more people visiting the site, the more I will be motivated. Perhaps one day I might be able to hold seminars with a hall full of drummers, who knows!

Thanks again, Chris